Who is better: Messi or Ronaldo?

Who is better: Messi or Ronaldo?

The world of sports if full of legendary rivalries, and from the likes of Ali-Frazier, Borg-McEnroe or Senna-Prost, the fans and the media were attracted to these fascinating duos. In the world of football, one current rivalry is threatening to overshadow the old debate whether Maradona is better than Pele, and people nowadays can spend hours arguing who is better between Messi and Ronaldo. Since they play for rival clubs, Real and Barcelona, these players regularly meet in La Primera, but their direct encounters are not the most important events that describe their careers. They are by far the best in the world, but it seems that only small nuances differentiate these two superstars.

– Different Personalities And Playing Style

Messi or RonaldoMessi and Ronaldo are worlds apart when you look at them, but their physique is not the only feature that separates these highly skilled and attractive footballers. They play completely different styles of football, and while Messi is more prone to assists and providing killer passes to his teammates, Ronaldo relies on his instinct and athleticism. Messi is a virtuoso in tiny spaces – he can find his way out from any situation without any problems, no matter how many opposing players surround him. On the other hand, Ronaldo likes to sprint past his opponents, and his headers and free kicks are also a strong asset in his football arsenal.

Besides being different on the pitch, these two footballers are not similar when it comes to their personalities as well. Ronaldo is seen as arrogant at times, and a bit of a showoff while Messi tries to be humble and is often perceived as shy and introverted person. Ronaldo is more active in the media, and he uses his looks to promote his brand and cult of personality. On the other hand, Messi keeps to himself and often avoids the spotlights of media. This is where we see the parallels between these two skilled football players – this means that you clearly have two sides. One side is for Messi’s unbelievable tricks that creates space for other players, while the other one is for Ronaldo’s impeccable ability to run past his opponents, while scoring in unbelievable ways.

– Football Qualities And Accomplishments

Messi or Ronaldo

When it comes to the quality of these players, football fans and experts all agree that they are the best and that Messi and Ronaldo have elevated the overall quality of the game as well. Together they won 7 FIFA Ballon d’Or awards, and they each scored over 400 goals for their clubs. Besides being prolific in scoring goals, they also manage to assist and make attractive moves and dribbles, which helps bring the fans to the stadiums. Messi is two years younger than Ronaldo, but he already has more Champions League titles, more FIFA awards, and more goals to his name. However, Ronaldo is following his every accomplishment with a record of his own, and it is hard to make a final decision and say who is a better player. At this moment, we are unable to tell which player is better, but we can say without hesitation that the game of football changed a lot since these two came to the scene.


Who Can Beat Juventus In Italy?

Who Can Beat Juventus In Italy?

The dominance of Juventus in the recent years in the Italian championship is incredible, and it is hard to see who could take them down from the throne. The fans of the Old Lady are certainly happy with the form of their team, and they hope that more silverware will arrive in their trophy room. In the post-Calciopoli era, Juventus has been the most powerful Italian team, and the fact that they won 5 successive Scudettos in the last five seasons speaks for itself. Their rich tradition and impressive titles produce an enormous amount of fear to opponents, which often leads to losing focus and giving up. According to some football experts,  The Old Lady is one of the toughest football teams to play with.

– The Dominance In The Serie A

Juventus is currently sitting at the top of the Serie A, and this position is becoming their traditional place. In the last couple of seasons, the team from Turin dominated the Serie A, and no other team came close to winning the Scudetto. Only Napoli posed a certain threat to the team from the north of Italy, but the depth of Juve’s team always proved crucial, and they would end the seasons as champions.


However, last season was a bit different since Juventus made a terrible start. In a couple of opening rounds they played horribly, and the results were disastrous. But, a defeat against Sassuolo brought a significant change in the team’s spirit, and the coach Massimiliano Allegri galvanized his players. What followed was a genuinely impressive accomplishment – a fantastic series of 25 games without defeat, of which 24 were wins and only one draw! With such a streak, Allegri’s team climbed all the way to the top of the Serie A table where they remained to the very end of the season.

– Transfers And Squad Strength


During the summer transfer window, Juventus was very active, and the management of the club made some very interesting choices. First, they released Paul Pogba to Manchester United for a record fee in the world of football (105 million euros), and then they brought in a prolific striker from Napoli – Gonzalo Higuain for 90 million euros. Some other additions to the team have also increased the quality of the first team, and players like Pjanic or Dani Alves are already playing crucial roles in the structure of the current Juve.

Of course, the experience of Gigi Buffon who is one of the best goalkeepers of all time, is still a strong asset, and the plays of Bonucci and Khedira are also there to offer stability and composure. On the other hand, Dybala and Rugani are young and energetic players willing to prove themselves, and all of these high-quality players are a clear sign that Juventus will not give up on the Scudetto, at least not without a fight. Like all teams, Juventus had its ups and downs, but the predictions are quite good for this old and remarkable team.


Story About Athletico Madrid

Story About Athletico Madrid

Like in every football league, usually two to three clubs come to our mind when we speak about a certain league. When it comes to Spanish football, people always think about Barcelona and Real Madrid first, but there are other high-quality clubs involved in La Primera and some top players are scoring goals and making assists for other teams as well. For instance, we have Athletico Madrid. This club is a club full of tradition and interesting stories, but they also have a trophy room that contains a lot of silverware and various trophies. They are the third most successful club in Spain, which is a big accomplishment if you exclude the untouchable Real and Barca. Still, it is worth mentioning, especially because a lot of people don’t know the success of this club.

– The History Of The Club

Athletico Madrid was founded all the way back in 1903, and with 109 years of existence, it is no wonder that they have so many trophies and awards. To be precise, Los Colchoneros, which translates as The Mattress Makers, have won La Liga 10 times, 8 times Copa del Rey, and they have some European success as well. When you summarize everything, it is not worthless at all. Nonetheless, they somehow stayed in the Real Madrid’s shadow all the time. In 1962, Athletico won the European Cup, in 1978 they were the champions of the International Cup, and they also managed to win the Europa League in 2010 and 2012. Also, in 2010 they added the European Super Cup to their already notable collection.

Atletico Madrid

Even though the club has always been foreshadowed by Real in their hometown, Athletico managed to challenge the big brother on several occasions. At their Vicente Calderon, Los Rojiblancos, which is another one of their nicknames which translates The Red and Whites, are a tough opponent for any side, and this especially noticeable in the recent years. The current head coach, Diego Simeone, has created a powerful squad and the games that Athletico plays at their Calderon are always full of passion and aggressive play. We can say that they play almost like their big brother, Real Madrid.

– Good Player Selection

Atletico MadridEver since the days of Caminero, Kiko, Pantic, and Simeone himself, who took the double title in 1996, Athletico Madrid has been a club full of high-quality names and good young talents. The scouting team and the academy are working hard to find the next stars, and the names of Fernando Torres, Diego Forlan, Sergio Aguero, Falcao, Diego Costa, are famous in the football world. These names were once a young talents of this club, and they are big stars at  this moment. All of these players have made a name for themselves by starting in Athletico, and they later made big-money transfers to bigger clubs. Currently, players like Griezmann or Koke are the main stars of the team, and Athletico Madrid is hoping that they could challenge for the title this season.




Milan’s Young Talents – Donnarumma And Locatelli

Milan’s Young Talents – Donnarumma And Locatelli

Young players are reasonably expensive, especially if they are very talented. The energy and motivation of young players can be a powerful asset for any team, and if those players have a top-notch quality – the things can be even better. Elite young talents can uplift the entire club, and the fans usually get very excited when players break into the first team straight from the academy. Domestic players have the connection with the fans, and this is another factor that plays a major role in the development of the young stars. One such scenario is currently taking place in AC Milan where a couple of very young talents are already making a name for themselves, and they are attracting more and more attention. Local talents must have a chance to prove their abilities and there is no better place to prove that than playing for a local club.

– Introduction To The First Team

MilanFor quite a while, the club from San Siro has been undergoing a crisis of results, and the management of the club decided that the change of direction was needed. The president of the club, Berlusconi declared that the project of making the new Milan will be focused on the core of young Italian players, and the coach Vincenzo Montella is following the guidelines of this overall strategy. Montella just recently came to the bench, but he has shown a lot of faith in the young stars, and they are working hard to repay his trust.

Donnarumma and Locatelli are the youngest players in the first team, but their tender teenage years are not stopping them from playing high-quality football. They play like they have been playing for several years in some European league. For instance, Donnarumma is guy that is just 17 years old has shown a lot of talent in goal, and some of his saves have been incredible. Of course, foreign clubs are already lurking around, and they have shown a lot of interest in this young goalkeeper. Similarly, Manuel Locatelli, at the age of 18 is just starting his career. He scored his first professional goal in a 4-3 win against Sassuolo, and his tears of joy have made Milan fans very emotional. It is something you can feel if it’s about local clubs and local support.

– The Youth Of AC Milan


Donnarumma and Locatelli are not the only young ones who are playing prominent parts in the new AC Milan team. For example, young talents such as Niang, Suso, Romagnoli, and Calabria are all incorporated into the first team, and the coach believes that they have enough quality to take the Milan very near the top. Montella refuses to comment on their chances for a title challenge, and he says that the goal is to qualify for Champions League football. Champions League would be the best possible playground for the young players to show their skills, but also their affiliation towards the local club.



Liverpool – PL sensation

Liverpool – PL sensation

If you happen to be a long-lasting Liverpool FC supporter, you are probably sick and tired of repeating that familiar mantra – “the next season will be our season!”, and you secretly hope that Klopp can finally turn things around and wake up the sleeping giant. Well, it seems that the beast is starting to opening its eyes slowly, and the army of Reds is once again very near to that “golden sky at the end of the storm.” With the reformed team, they can make something worth mentioning. They could bring back the old Liverpool we all remember with thrill and joy.

– The Influence Of Jurgen Klopp

LiverpoolSignificant improvement of Klopp’s team is evident, and the progress that Liverpool has made since the German took over the bench is impressive, to say the least. However, Liverpool finished last season at the eighth position in the Premier League, and although they appeared in two finals (Europa League, League Cup), the Reds failed to add another trophy to their collection. That is why the management of the club and the head coach put a lot of effort in making positive changes during the summer, and some highly exciting and promising players arrived at Merseyside. It could be the missing part.

For example, Sadio Mane and Giorginio Wijnaldum are players with respectable PL experience, and they have already produced a substantial impact on the team. Also, Joel Matip made a solid partnership with Lovren at the defensive line of the team, and the German goalkeeper Loris Karius was also brought in to help reduce the number of goals Liverpool conceded. In a nutshell, this should be a winning combination, and with a little bit of luck, it will be the truth.

– The Current Season

Liverpool made an impressive start to the 2016/17 season, and after 13 rounds they are sitting near the top of the table. Chelsea escapes them only one point, and this is something that makes everyone at Liverpool energetic and vibrant once again- like it used to be in some previous years. The Reds are playing a cohesive and scintillating football, and their offensive looks intimidating and full of creative solutions. Players from different countries and leagues were brought here with one reason: to give a unique and creative football skills which will ensure them the title of the best.


The Brazilian vibe up front, with Coutinho and Firmino performing their magic tricks, and the stability of Henderson and Can in the middle, is a force to be reckoned with. Several clubs have already felt the power of the new Liverpool, with Arsenal and Southampton suffering the biggest damage. Liverpool is now a team full of options, and, what is even more important – full of belief that this is their time, and that triumphs and silverware are just around the corner. Current season started off well, and it remains to be seen if the “Klopp influence” will be powerful enough to take the club all the way to the top.


Dusan Tadic – Southampton’s Warrior

Dusan Tadic – Southampton’s Warrior

When it comes to top-level football, not many players are capable of being skilled technicians at robust warriors at the same time. However, Dusan Tadic, who currently plays for Southampton, is a Serbian winger who fights for every ball like it’s the last one and he lunges into challenges and tackles without any fear or hesitation. On the other hand, his skills and intelligence make him a highly creative midfielder, and he is becoming one of the key players for the club. Some experts predicting that he could be something like Nemanja Vidic was in Manchester United. They are two different positions, but they come from the same country and they have that energy which is required for leaders.


– Playing Style And Career

The quality of Dusan Tadic is now well-known in the Premier League, and his career could still lead him to bigger clubs. As he started to play football in a small town in his native Serbia, Tadic could only dream of playing for clubs such as Southampton, but his career first took him to Holland and now he is able to leave his mark on the top competition in the UK. He had played for Twente and Groningen before Ronald Koeman made him his first signing in the role of manager of Southampton back in the summer of 2014.

Tadic plays with such energy and passion that often intimidates his opponents and forces them to make mistakes and unreasonable passes. With his powerful left foot and brilliant vision, he can score and assist, depending on the situation. This universality makes him a complete player, capable of creating action from nothing. So far, Tadic played 87 games for Southampton and now has 15 goals on his tally. Also, he is very successful when it comes to playing for the National team, and he is the leading star in the Serbian football team. He is very praised in his home country and compared to the some of the greatest Serbian football players.

– Attitude And Strength

SouthamptonSince Dusan Tadic came to club for a record fee of £10.9 million, the fans at St. Mary’s expected a lot from this calm and reserved young boy. However, nobody could predict that this attacking midfielder will soon become their favorite player and the central star in the club. After Sadio Mane and Graziano Pelle had left the club in the summer, Tadic stayed to provide the fans with some more joy and entertainment. Truthfully, he managed to do that and he did it well.

The new coach, Claude Puel, gave him a different role than the one he had in the previous season, and it seems that diamond perfectly suits Tadic’s style of play. In the current season, he is more prolific in setting up his teammates with goalscoring chances than he is with scoring himself, but his warrior attitude and constant running make him a fans favorite. Like they say – it’s not important whether you are the scorer, it is important that your team scores.




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