Young players are reasonably expensive, especially if they are very talented. The energy and motivation of young players can be a powerful asset for any team, and if those players have a top-notch quality – the things can be even better. Elite young talents can uplift the entire club, and the fans usually get very excited when players break into the first team straight from the academy. Domestic players have the connection with the fans, and this is another factor that plays a major role in the development of the young stars. One such scenario is currently taking place in AC Milan where a couple of very young talents are already making a name for themselves, and they are attracting more and more attention. Local talents must have a chance to prove their abilities and there is no better place to prove that than playing for a local club.

– Introduction To The First Team

MilanFor quite a while, the club from San Siro has been undergoing a crisis of results, and the management of the club decided that the change of direction was needed. The president of the club, Berlusconi declared that the project of making the new Milan will be focused on the core of young Italian players, and the coach Vincenzo Montella is following the guidelines of this overall strategy. Montella just recently came to the bench, but he has shown a lot of faith in the young stars, and they are working hard to repay his trust.

Donnarumma and Locatelli are the youngest players in the first team, but their tender teenage years are not stopping them from playing high-quality football. They play like they have been playing for several years in some European league. For instance, Donnarumma is guy that is just 17 years old has shown a lot of talent in goal, and some of his saves have been incredible. Of course, foreign clubs are already lurking around, and they have shown a lot of interest in this young goalkeeper. Similarly, Manuel Locatelli, at the age of 18 is just starting his career. He scored his first professional goal in a 4-3 win against Sassuolo, and his tears of joy have made Milan fans very emotional. It is something you can feel if it’s about local clubs and local support.

– The Youth Of AC Milan


Donnarumma and Locatelli are not the only young ones who are playing prominent parts in the new AC Milan team. For example, young talents such as Niang, Suso, Romagnoli, and Calabria are all incorporated into the first team, and the coach believes that they have enough quality to take the Milan very near the top. Montella refuses to comment on their chances for a title challenge, and he says that the goal is to qualify for Champions League football. Champions League would be the best possible playground for the young players to show their skills, but also their affiliation towards the local club.