About Club Cherokee


If you missed our open house on Saturday April 27th, no worries.  We’re glad to arrange a private visit and tour for you.  The best way to do that is ask us to contact you from the  Come fly with us page.  We’ll get back to you quickly and set something up.  Thanks!


Club Cherokee is a non-profit flying club based in Minnesota at Crystal (KMIC) and Lake Elmo Airports (21D). We were founded in 1987 with five members and one airplane, and have since grown to over 80 members that fly five Piper aircraft and one Mooney M20J. Our membership is open to all pilots with all backgrounds and experience levels, as well as anyone aspiring to become a pilot. If you have ever imagined owning and piloting your own aircraft, while sharing your enthusiasm with other pilots, then Club Cherokee is your BEST choice!

Why own one Plane…When you can own SIX!

As a member of Club Cherokee, you can fly any one of the 6 club owned aircraft anytime…after all, they’re yours.  Take off for a spur-of-the-moment short aerial tour of the cities on one of those beautiful summer evenings, or for a well planned 2-week cross-county vacation to that barely accessible remote location.

The breadth of flying experience in our membership is great.  There is something for everyone, whether you are looking for a learning environment, seeking an expansion of your flying horizons, wanting to meet people with a common interest, or simply wanting to fly whenever you want.

We offer personal tours and demo flights to anyone interested in joining Club Cherokee. Come fly with us, we’re always eager to go up!